From 1960 manufacturer of gummed paper tapes

Gummed paper tapes

Gummed paper tapes are tapes in paper, non self­adhesive, smeared, inside or outside, with dry vegetable glue that adheres to cardboard boxes after the tape has been dampened through a proper dispenser: in this way the glue is activated and the tape become an unique body with the box to which is applied, assuring integrality of the box and preserving the contents.

Gummed tape dispensers

The tape in gummed paper can be used through the dedicated dispenser which dampens the dry glue and subsequently cuts the desired strip, which is necessary for sealing the package. Depending on different needs, we have three different types of dispensers: manual, semi­automatic and electronic, with their replacement and accessories.

Our realizations

Here you can find some samples of our products created with flexo­printers, using six colors. Our firm has worked in this sector for over 20 years, helping our customers with highly qualified services, a dedicated staff and innovative machinery that allow the control in ever working phase ensuring high quality for the finished product.

An introduction to Maxfel

Our products and services

Maxfel is specialized in the production of water activated tapes for industrial use. Here, you can find some samples of our products, standard and reinforced, for the packaging industry and tapes to wrap packs of bin liners./p>

Our products and services

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Gummed papers tapes

The tape in gummed paper instantly adheres to both surfaces of pure cellulose and to those in recycled fiber, creating an unbreakable bond with the packaging on which they are applied: that ensures the integrity of the box and protects what is contained.

Reinforced tapes

The reinforced tape, also called tenax, is designed for situations that require durability, crack resistance and reliability. The difficult removability of tape from the packaging that has been applied makes this tape a valid warranty seal, even more than the standard one.

Bands for bin bags

The tape in gummed paper doesn’t adhere to plastic products: this characteristic makes it the ideal material to wrap packs of bin bags, the different variants of paper neutral – brown or white – or customized through high precision flexo print.

Non-­adhesive paper

We have the possibility to cut and print brown or white paper, recycled or in pure cellulose, in different weights of paper, at competitive prices.

Manual and semi­-automatic dispenser

Easy to use, practical and functional, they are the most common models of dispenser for gummed tape. Both made of durable materials, provide excellent value for money. The manual one works by pulling and tearing while the semi­automatic works through a lever that allows to set the strip’s desired measure and cut it once the lever was released. They do not require electricity and can be moved easily.

Umettatrici Elettroniche

The electronic dispenser has a push-button panel with 22 different preset lengths and a free-measure button which, as long as it is pressed, allows a continuous exit of tape which can be stopped once the button is released. Through the two buttons “short/long” it is possible to memorize two different lengths of paper – ideal for the H shaped sealing of the boxes. It is suitable for all types of gummed paper, from 20 to 100 mm of width.

Maxfel - from 1960 manufacturer of water activated tapes for closing cardboard boxes and to wrap packs of bin bags

The advantages of using gummed paper tapes

Is made from renewable natural resources and so can be recycled with the cartons, eliminating additional recycling costs;

The tape in gummed paper become part of the carton and cannot be removed without leaving traces of the theft occurred, so it works like a warranty seal and adds strength to the carton;

­ Extreme variations in temperature do not change the characteristics of gummed paper tape, ensuring the integrity of the packaging and of all it contains;

­ Naturalness, united with its odorless, make it ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry;

­ Does not adhere to plastic products and for this reason is usefully employed for banding rolls of bin bags in PVC


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